October 24, 2017: Initial Clinic Schedule for 2018 posted
October 27, 2017: Applications accepted for previous RAVS student volunteers ONLY
October 31, 2017: Applications accepted for new veterinary student volunteers
November 15, 2017: Deadline for student applications.
November 20, 2017: Applications accepted for non-student professional volunteers. Applications for veterinarians, technicians and other non-student volunteers are accepted on an ongoing basis (no deadline).


Before applying, be sure to read the entire Volunteer Information section of this site and review the Trip Details page for each trip you are applying for. Some clinics have different volunteer requirements and opportunities that you should be aware of prior to applying.

For registration information and application see the Volunteer Application page.

Trip Dates: The posted start date for all trips is the day that volunteers must be on site. The end date is the day that volunteers can leave for home. Volunteers are expected to participate for the entire duration of the trip.

Trips listed as "FULL" cannot accommodate any additional veterinary student applicants. If you are a student, do not select these trips or your application will be disregarded.

The FULL designation pertains to veterinary students only. Professional volunteers are encouraged to apply for all trips-even those listed as FULL. Applications for veterinarians, technicians and other experienced non-student volunteers are accepted at any time. Updated notes will be posted in the Trip Details section when a clinic is fully staffed for professional volunteers as well.

If selecting more than one trip, you MUST indicate on your application (on the trip selection page) if you are available for all of the selected trips or just one.

U.S. Surgery / Medicine Teaching Clinics

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San Carlos Outreach Project

In 2015, RAVS launched an intensive project with the San Carlos Apache tribe to develop comprehensive community-based animal welfare solutions. RAVS is working closely with tribal health and animal control departments to bring more regular animal health care services to the community via a variety of approaches including door-to door veterinary care with small outreach teams, high-volume wellness events, targeted spay/neuter clinics and collaborative projects with regional service providers. Volunteer needs and opportunities will vary depending on the type of clinic. Please review the ‘Trip Details’ for each clinic for information on specific opportunities and requirements.

Date Location Species Status
10/11/18 - 10/15/18 -- San Carlos, AZ --
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small animalOPEN
10/16/18 - 10/22/18 -- San Carlos, AZ --
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small animalOPEN
11/10/18 - 11/15/18 -- San Carlos, AZ --
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small animalOPEN
11/15/18 - 11/19/18 -- San Carlos, AZ --
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small animalOPEN
01/06/19 - 01/12/19 -- San Carlos, AZ --
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small animalOPEN

Additional San Carlos clinics for the Fall of 2018 will be added to the schedule in the future. Please check back for schedule updates.



Volunteer Selection: Assignments are NOT made on a first-come basis. All volunteers will be subject to a selection process based on year in school, prior experience and organizational need. Selection will be designed to provide a balance of experience and skill levels. New volunteers are encouraged to apply! Note that mid-summer clinics (May-Aug) have a much higher application rate. If you are available to participate in a winter, spring or late-summer clinic with our San Carlos Outreach Project, these trips generally allow a greater chance of acceptance.

Consecutive Trips: To provide the greatest opportunity for learning and skill development, many trips are set up so that student rosters are scheduled as 2 consecutive weeks and students will be required to participate in both weeks in these cases.

Professional volunteers are welcome to apply for only one week of a 2 week consecutive combination, but are encouraged to apply for both weeks if possible to provide greater continuity in the team.

For 2018 the following clinics are considered consecutive trip combinations. Students are required to participate in both weeks. :
Quinault and Colville, WA (see note re: travel on Trip Details pages)
Spirit Lake, ND and Pine Ridge, SD
Turtle Mountain, ND and Cheyenne River, SD

HSVMA Student Membership: All student applicants will automatically receive a complimentary HSVMA student membership. For information on member benefits and services visit