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ALL volunteers are required to take on online Training Evaluation prior to their scheduled trip. (see Volunteer Training Requirements for additional information)

Topics covered in the evaluation will be:
-- Veterinary students: All training materials
-- Technicians/assistants and tech students: All materials except surgery sections
-- Veterinarians: Clinic protocols, medical records, physical examination, assessment scoring, surgery and HSVMA/animal protection.
-- Other support volunteers: All materials except anesthesia and surgery sections

Note on surgery materials: The Ethicon Knot Tying Manual provided in the surgery section of the training materials is intended as an overview of knot tying covers a range of information. For beginning surgeons, the most important skills to focus on are instrument ties and basic suture patterns. Students will not be tested on hand ties.

If you have any difficulty accessing the information, have questions about the material, or concerns about a specific protocol, please contact Windi Wojdak by email ( well before your scheduled trip.