RAVS field operations will remain on hold through June, 2021.

During this time we continue to work with community partners to provide essential resources including emergency dog and cat food and other animal care supplies, support for local urgent care services and community vaccination campaigns. The necessity of working around pandemic challenges and restrictions have led to new ways of supporting our community partners remotely while fostering local resources and new projects that can help form the foundation of ongoing, sustainable local animal care services. In 2020 we provided resources, care and supplies for nearly 21,000 animals! We are also meeting virtually with students and professionals to share access to care information and discussions on field medicine, anesthesia and surgery and have engaged more than 1,500 veterinary professionals and students over the last year.

While embracing these exciting new community-based projects and opportunities, we of course look forward to being back in the field providing direct care clinics and hands-on student learning opportunities. We continue to monitor the status of COVID restrictions in our partner communities and vaccine roll-out across the country and hope to return to the field later this summer. Our initial focus will be on modified clinics with smaller teams of staff, returning volunteers and local community members, gradually incorporating students and larger teams into the schedule with a goal of resuming our more traditional teaching clinics again in 2022.

As always, the health and safety of community members and volunteers will be at the forefront of our planning process. We look forward to seeing you all in the field again soon and hope you’ll keep RAVS in mind when dreaming up your next adventure! Please check back here and visit our Facebook page for updates on clinics scheduling and volunteer opportunities. Be safe and stay well. We’ll see you in the field soon.