The following provides an overview of your pre-trip responsibilities. Please take a moment to review the information and be sure that you understand and are able to comply with all requirements. You may want to save or print this page as a reminder for future deadlines.



1. Before Applying: Read ALL of the information on the Volunteer Requirements page of this website and be sure that you understand what will be required BEFORE applying for any trips.

2. Select Trips: Review the Clinic Schedule and select the trips you would like to participate in. Review the Trip Details for each clinic to be sure that you can meet any trip-specific requirements. Indicate on your application the order of priority for the trips selected. Note that students will generally be accepted to no more than 2 week-long clinics per year. Please apply only for clinics you know that you can commit to if accepted.

3. Application: Submit a Volunteer Application online.

4. Acknowledgement: You will receive an auto-generated email acknowledgement of your application within 24 hours of its receipt.

5. Notification: You will be notified by email (generally within 4 weeks of applying) as to the status of your application.

This notification will indicate that you have either: a) been conditionally accepted to the trip roster, b) been accepted to the wait list for the trip to act as a backup in the event a volunteer on the roster should drop off, or c) not been accepted to the trip. Unfortunately, there are a limited number of roster and waitlist positions and not all applicants can be accepted.



Initial trip acceptances are conditional and must be confirmed.

You must complete the following steps to accept the position
and confirm your participation.

1. HSUS Volunteer 'Hub' Account: Volunteers who receive a conditional acceptance to participate will receive a link to register a volunteer profile in the HSUS Volunteer Hub. This will need to be completed before a background check and acceptance confirmation can be processed. By submitting a Hub profile you are confirming acceptance of all Volunteer Requirements and the RAVS Volunteer Agreement and Social Media Policy.

2. Background Check: Initial acceptance to participate in a scheduled clinic is conditional upon completion of a basic Background Check. After you receive a conditional acceptance notification you will have one week to submit a request for a background check.

3. Confirmation: Once the background check is complete (generally takes 1-2 weeks), you will receive a final, official acceptance announcement which serves as confirmation of your trip assignment. Once you receive this acceptance, the position is being held for you. We are counting on you to attend and expect that you will fulfill your committment to the team.

4. Submit Travel Plans (all volunteers) - Deadline: 30 days prior to trip
Don't wait! Providing this information as early as possible will help us to coordinate trip logistics and team assignments.

5. Study online Training Materials (all volunteers)

6. Submit online Training Evaluation (all volunteers) - Deadline: 30 days prior to trip. The exam will be made available for each group 60 days prior to trip.

7. Review and prepare for Skills Assessment (veterinary students only)

8. Obtain necessary supplies/equipment (see What to Bring)

9. Make final travel arrangements: A contact list will be distributed for each team. Please reach out to others in your group to carpool, share travel expenses, etc.

Communication: Once you have confirmed your participation you will receive periodic email communications from RAVS staff. You must maintain email contact with us. If you are traveling it is up to you to check your email regularly and watch this website for trip updates and new information. If your phone number or email address change please update your information with us as soon as possible.