ALL RAVS volunteers are required to submit a score of 80% or higher on an online evaluation prior to attending any RAVS field clinics.

The online training evaluation can be taken up to 2 months prior to your scheduled trip, but no later than 30 days prior. Volunteers who have not submitted a passing score 30 days before the trip will be permanently removed from the trip roster.

We take this evaluation very seriously. You may only submit one test score. A score of less than 80% will result in removal from all rosters for a period of 3 months, at which time a new application may be submitted for any available trips.

New exam scores must be submitted each calendar year as clinic protocols continue to evolve and it is crucial that all volunteers be aware of current protocols and curriculum.

Topics covered in the standard surgical clinic evaluation will be:
-- Veterinary students: All training materials
-- Technicians/assistants and tech students: All materials except surgery sections
-- Veterinarians: All materials except anesthesia sections.
-- Other support volunteers: All materials except anesthesia and surgery sections

Note: The evaluation for volunteers participating in a San Carlos outreach/wellness (non-surigical) clinic will include all standard materials except anesthesia and surgery and will also include the supplementary San Carlos Outreach Project materials..